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BES-X Scoring System

BES-X has been designed to maximize every aspect of what makes bowling appealing to people by delivering more fun, more ways to socialize and more competitive excitement, while making bowling easier, and more comfortable and enjoyable for people of all ages.

From engaging graphical environments to new and exciting, cutting-edge game formats, BES X features the widest and most innovative variety of on-lane, on-demand entertainment available. A collection of four exclusive new Mad Games, including Monster Factory, Character Factory, Battle on the Lanes and Bowlin’ Hood offer shorter game formats, simpler ways to score, a faster bowling pace and game themes tailored to recreational bowlers.

Along with BES X, Landmark Lanes has installed 50 lanes of the new SuperTouch LCD bowler consoles. These tablet-like consoles feature a built-in camera and offer extreme ease of use for bowlers, while providing access to several of the unique and innovative system features.

YouToons! is an exclusive new environment that actually takes players inside the game. Bowlers take their picture on the lanes on the new SuperTouch LCD bowler consoles. YouToons! then merges those images into the scoring animations, turning customers into characters on the screen as they bowl.

Your Lane-Your Way gives customers the freedom to select their favorite environment or on-lane game, right from their bowler console letting them be in control of playing whatever they are in the mood for.

With its exclusive new Facebook® GameConnect feature bowlers can “Like” and “Check In” at the center, and publish game events directly to Facebook. The exclusive new Lane Chatter feature allows bowlers to chat and text with other lanes. Both features are available directly from the lane with the new SuperTouch LCD bowler consoles.

With its new Adaptive Skill Level Games, less experienced bowlers can win against even the most experienced because every bowler can choose their own skill level with our new Mad Games. BES X offers players a wide array of games including Classic, Hot Shot, Chance, Global, Skill and Mad Games. New Skill Games like Head Hunter and Last Pin Standing create a whole new bowling experience for the traditional league bowler, putting a new spin on the ten pin game.

With BES X, bowlers are able to customize everything from their background on their screen, to their picture, to the animations, and even to the game itself that they choose to play, making it specific to their family, team, group, business, or party.

BES X is great for corporate parties! The many games offer a relaxing competitive fun team building experience.

Now at Landmark Lanes, BES X delivers more fun, more ways to socialize and more competitive excitement—while making bowling easier, more comfortable more enjoyable for people of all ages.